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Barking Hound Village Lofts Holiday Photographs One of my favorite days of the entire year is spent photographing quadrupeds in holiday garb! Here are a few highlights of these adorable canines posing for the camera.  Thank you to my friends at Barking Hound Village Lofts for the opportunity again this year! Happy Holidays to all! 

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Wisps of Hurricane Matthew Brush the Atlanta Skyline The Jackson Street Bridge overlooking the Atlanta Skyline - arguably the best view of downtown and one made famous by The Walking Dead.  Every photographer needs a token shot from this lookout.  I chose to visit the blustery bridge on the evening Hurricane Matthew was pummeling the Florida and Georgia coasts.  The skyline stands majestic as Matthew's outer bands swirl overhead.

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Sneak Peak…Eastern State Penitentiary Many more to come…but this one…oh my…………….

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I left my heart in San Francisco... Tidbits from a walk along Fisherman's Wharf in SF...



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Canine Holiday Portraiture at Barking Hound Village Lofts My friends at Barking Hound Village Lofts invited me to photograph the resident quadrupeds for the holidays…this was a fantastic day!!! Please enjoy a few examples below and visit the entire album.  Happy Holidays to you all from Amy Simone Photography & Gretchen Starr!

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Exhibit at the Woodruff Arts Center!! I am extremely honored and grateful to have the opportunity to show my work at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta this month! The exhibit is called "Institutionalized: Georgia's Quest for a Healthy Mind" and will show in conjunction with the phenomenal production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by the Alliance Theater.  Please come enjoy an evening of theatre and take in some photography!

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Angel Oak - John's Island, South Carolina Reportedly the oldest thing - living or man-made - east of the Rockies, Angel Oak is a live oak tree ~1,500 years old.  This tree likely sprouted 1000 years before Columbus' arrival in the New World.


Angel Oak Angel OakAngel Oak, Johns Island, SC

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Atlanta Dance Theatre I have been drawn to this decrepit building in downtown Atlanta for years. So I decided to spend my Sunday morning gathering my nerve to scale a set of crumbling stairs to try the doorknob of the former Atlanta Dance Theatre.  Locked!!  But, full of intrigue and beauty all the same.  It has been tempting me for some time - the delicious irony of being a dancer in the city for years but not knowing the history of ADT despite my research.  I am hoping that someone can shed some light.  I won't tell you I wasn't scared - but the height and heat was intoxicating.  And as I felt the doorknob in my palm I could almost hear the giggles of little girls in ballet slippers behind the door. 

It was worth the wait. 

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Vintage Beauty Poking around a lovely antique store on the Marietta Square last weekend...

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The Sentinels of Hotel Del Coronado When the Hotel Del Coronado opened its doors in 1888 it was the largest luxury resort in the world.  This hotel became the premier destination for Hollywood glamour and high society.  Many motion pictures have been filmed here including the 1959 classic "Some Like it Hot" starring Marilyn Monroe.  The Del is filled with history, a certain flamboyance, and even murder.  There are more than a few hauntings in this resort including that of Kate Morgan.  These film projectors have stood in this room since the turn of the 20th century - and appear as guardians standing ground as great protectors of secrets that have swirled around them.

I was lucky enough to make my way into this projector room and fell in love with their stance - strong and mighty - oh the stories they could tell...

Hotel Del Coronado film projectorsFilm Projectors at the Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado film projectorsFilm Projectors at the Hotel Del Coronado

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Charlotte's Doljanchi I have been lucky enough to photograph this beauty her entire life…and to watch her celebrate at her Dol (traditional Korean celebration for a first birthday) was beyond special!

Here's a very happy first birthday to a tremendous little girl! 

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Georgia Mental Health Institute A Mystery in Metro Atlanta – Georgia Mental Health Institute

The Georgia Mental Health Institute (GMHI) was a 141-bed psychiatric hospital which operated from 1965-1997 near Emory University on the grounds of the Briarcliff Estate, the former residence of Asa Candler, Jr the son of the founder of Coca-Cola. In honor of it’s opening 50 years ago I decided to bring it’s beauty to light.

This facility was home to adults, children and the criminally insane. The main building (“Building A”) is connected to the inpatient residences (“Cottages”) via underground tunnels. Eight cottages housed patients in it’s prime, and the tunnels today are still functional although kept under heavy surveillance as well as lock and key.  The majority of the cottages are not structurally sound today. Also, portions of the tunnels no longer have electricity so are completely dark. 

This is not your typical run down creepy mental institution – this place is frozen in time. The auditoriums look like they haven’t been used or even entered in years (hence the cobwebs covering the seat cushions). The control room is straight out of the  1960s with the master clock and antiquated radio. The incinerator room is covered in ash and looks as if someone set their gloves and ladder down yesterday although hasn’t been used in years. The boiler room is a fantastic museum of sorts, as some of the original equipment is unable to be removed and is kept silent, holding court among it’s replacements. 

There is a television studio on the premises that was used for public service announcements and such during it’s time of operation.  Jane Fonda opened a center dedicated to the Reproductive Health of Adolescents and this was housed in GMHI until moving to its current location. Now a common venue for shooting films and television commercials, the property stands vacant. The state sold this property in its entirety to Emory University in 1988 and GMHI became used primarily for office space. Emory housed various research projects in Building A in the years following it’s closure, however today looms as an eerie reminder of the past. 

This place is full of ghosts and memories.

My deepest gratitude to Andrew for this opportunity.

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For Lucy

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Auld Lang Syne Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne?


My wish for you in the upcoming year is simple – unabashed joy and laugher. Health and happiness. Adventure and mystery. Love and passion. 

To be your authentic self and enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer.


I revel in things of the past as seen here in Buckhead, GA – my artistic endeavor is to not let you forget old acquaintances.


Full gallery:


Happy New Year and thank you my dear friends!

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Briarcliff Mansion & Estate Some places harbor memories and emotion long after they have been vacated.  People can be kept out, but they never truly leave.

This is one of those mystical spaces that buzzes and hums with the energy left behind. It's palpable. 

Briarcliff Mansion was the home of Asa Candler, Jr – the “eccentric” son of Asa Candler - the co-founder of Coca-Cola.

The Briarcliff estate comprised of 42 acres was built in 1920 on Williams Mill Road now Briarcliff Road in Atlanta. Asa Jr. collected exotic birds and animals in a menagerie – a Bengal tiger, four lions, a black leopard, a gorilla, baboons, and four elephants named “Coca, Cola, Refreshing & Delicious.” A neighbor sued as “a baboon jumped over the wall of the zoo and devoured $60 in currency out of her purse.” She won $10,000 and Asa ultimately gave his entire menagerie to the Grant Park Zoo which became Zoo Atlanta.

The interior of the mansion was spacious and extravagant – including the 1700 square foot music room with three-story-tall vaulted Tudor interior and limestone fireplace with large elaborate chandeliers. This room looks essentially unchanged – even in the dark with the windows boarded and lit only by the seepage of natural light through cracks and crevices. This room was added in 1925 and a balcony from a sitting room overlooks it.

A solarium on the main level with high lovely ceilings and a former tiled fish pond which now bears the painted phrase “it ran with blood.” Since this location has been used as sets for films and television it is unclear to me at what point this was added and for what purpose – of course since this building was a part of a psychiatric hospital at one point there are rumors that it was written by a patient. More on that...

The grounds included: the main house, servant’s quarters, tennis courts, stables, greenhouses, laundry, zoo buildings, golf course, and two swimming pools with bath houses. One pool was open to the public for 25 cents per person – this pool had a neon-lighted fountain and a stand to buy Coca Cola products, of course. 

There are a few greenhouses that remain on the property – they are hauntingly beautiful and super eerie.  They were used in an educational capacity for botanical arts in the past, students would line up on the seats and work. Now the shattered falling panes of glass make this incredibly treacherous but oh so lovely.

I was able to view the interior of the mansion with a television production crew scouting the location.

And then I met Andrew - who knows the property better than anyone on the planet as he has managed it for the last 15 years. He showed me the communal pool that has been filled in but the fountain in the center remains. We hiked down to the bowels of the bath houses now covered with graffiti being overtaken by nature. Old pipes from the pool and fountain still line the wall.

Andrew is a wealth of knowledge and history and I owe him nothing short of a kidney for his time and teaching that day.

From 1965-1997, the property housed the Georgia Mental Health Institute (GMHI) in a multi-story tower surrounded by multiple cottages connected by underground tunnels. This facility was home to adults, children, and the criminally insane.

I’ll give you one guess as to what my next post will feature…

For full gallery of the Briarcliff Mansion, please visit:

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Into the Mystic Unreal experience this week into another world…

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity - many more photos to come, this is only a sneak peak of one location I visited.

Where do you think I am???

Hint: Coca, Cola, Refreshing, & Delicious. The names of the original owners four elephants.

Yes, elephants.

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BeltLine Lantern Parade Last night was the annual Lantern Parade on the Atlanta BeltLine…what a fantastic night full of light, laughter and celebration.

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Charlotte - six months old already… Time flies! This little beauty is already six months old…enjoy her unabashed, enormous, gummy smile! It was my pleasure to spend the morning with this blissful baby girl and her lovely mother - who spoiled me with strata and scones once we were done shooting. How lucky am I?

Her entire gallery may be seen at:


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