Amy Simone Photography | About
My name is Amy, and I thank you for visiting my site.

The majority of these photographs depict energy that has been imprinted onto objects - a snapshot of words, emotions and actions that have been left behind.
Some are echoes of past grandeur that provoke a visual nostalgia. Others are vignettes of a suspended moment in time.

Please enjoy these photographs and all the beauty the world has to offer.

Official Bio:
Amy is a self-taught Atlanta based photographer who balances medicine and art on a daily basis. Photography and ballet have been lifelong interests which were always sandwiched between science and medicine. She is a proud employee of Piedmont Healthcare and loves exploring the world through her patients and her photography. Her favorite subject matter includes defunct objects and structures that embody the energy of the people who have touched them - her art is an attempt to tell a moment of their story.

My portrait is courtesy of my sweet friend Kelly Lewis of Kelly Is Nice Photography.